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Florida builders heart Obama's call for $50 billion in transportation spending

The Florida Transportation Builders’ Association is praising President Obama's call for $50 billion in transportation spending, with president Bob Burleson calling it a "good start that will not only have the short-term economic impacts of increased job creation and retention but also move our nation into a higher realm of global competitiveness. If there is one issue the partisan gridlock in Congress can agree on, this should be it for countless reasons."

Burleson noted the state estimates that more than 35,000 road building and other industry-related jobs were created or retained by the federal stimulus package.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, however, has already offered a tepid response to the transportation plan, saying "we can't spend our way to prosperity."


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Bob S

Boehner needs to pull his head out of his rear-end. Somebody better start spending. And about the only justifiable government spending, where all taxpayers will see a return-on-investment, is spending money on this country's infrastructure. Our roads and bridges need improvements and expansions, our water systems are collapsing (just wait until our older cities are unable to provide the residents clean water), and we're losing ground to the world's developing nations in this new global eceonomy.

It's a snowball effect. Invest in infrastructure projects. The sector hit with the largest unemployment numbers rebounds. Those workers spend their money to buy clothes, fast food, gas, etc. People start spending and the economy takes off...why is this so hard to understand?

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