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Florida to get nearly a billion dollars more in high speed rail dollars

From Bill Nelson's office: "The U.S. Department of Transportation will award $800 million more to Florida to build a high-speed rail line slated to run from Tampa to Orlando.

"The announcement came today from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood during a phone call with U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson.

"The additional $800 million comes on top of $1.25 billion President Obama announced in January the state would receive for the Tampa to Orlando stretch. The award means Florida only needs approximately $300 million more from the federal government in addition to the state’s share of funding to complete the $2.6 billion project. The remaining federal funds could come next year.

 "This is fantastic news for Florida," Nelson said. "This will ensure the state remains full speed ahead with high-speed rail construction. As I’ve said many times, high-speed rail will be a game changer for Florida’s economy, along the likes of the Interstate system and Disney.

DOT also notified Congress Monday of its intent to award an $8 million planning grant for the proposed high-speed rail line between Orlando and Miami.


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Maybe the next congress will have the sense to de-fund this thing before we actually borrow any more money from the chinese to actually commit to it. No doubt it would have an impact on Florida's economy, just not the $3.5B worth plus financing costs to make it worthwhile. Let's do one when we can actually pay for it.





How many jobs (if the Govt comes up with additional funds) will this create in Florida? This is the question on a State who has a very high unemployment rate!

Did you hear once in the above the statement about JOBS?

Sometimes it is what isn't said that shows where the hearts of the politicians are? It doesn't appear to be on people in need--or they would have brought more encouragement about jobs which will be created for this project!

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