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Gelber's wife: He's a mensch

Democratic AG candidate Dan Gelber's wife, Joan, is coming to his defense in an e-mail that criticizes attack ads that are criticizing Gelber as "toxic to Jewish education." The Herald and other papers today detailed ties between the group sending the flyers and Gelber's Republican opponent, Pam Bondi.

"Over the last week my young children have come home from school each afternoon worried that another mailer arrived with a picture of their father in a 'Wanted' poster," Gelber writes. "Our 6 year old asks why people are saying such bad things about his Daddy. I recognize politics is a contact sport, but frankly I’m tired with the utter lack of decency.  Now that it’s been confirmed that Ms. Bondi is connected with these vile mailers I’m asking you to let her know that truth matters and that wanting something badly doesn’t mean you can do anything to get it. These are lessons my husband and I proudly teach our children – and lessons we need to teach Ms. Bondi." 


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yo mama

C U Next Tuesday

Dumb Blondie

Pam Bondi is the most despicable, vile person I have ever come across. Vote against the dog stealer.

David Young

Yo Mama--I don't care who you were addressing, your comment is out of line. Do yourself (and us)a favor and erase it. Have some class.

Dans no mensch

DESPERATION!!! Dan can't win on his own so he has to try to pull the prejudice card using his religion, his wife and his kids! Dan you are finished, you should have stayed in the Senate to fight Haridopolis. Pam Bondi, REPUBLICAN, the next Florida Attorney General.

David Young

10:24--do you even know him? Obviously you don't. Dan is so far superior to ANY candidate running, it isn't even a contest. Dan has integrity, intellect and the courage of his convictions. "Dan's no mench" you can vote and support for Ms.Bondi, but don't degrade Dan Gelber. You have no credibility when you do so.

Dans no mensch

Yes I know Gelber and was surprised to see that the vulgarity of political ambition caused him to stoop so low as to attack Bondi falsely using his wife and children as the conduits. He soiled his own good reputation, not Bondi or my post.

Ben Link

The extent to which people go to get elected is astounding. Bondi's group must think all Jews are stupid. Who would fall for this direct mail-to-Jewish people lynching of another Jew?

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