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George LeMieux bashes Obama visit to Miami

George LeMieux delivered the Republican prebuttal to President Obama's fundraising trip to Coral Gables today, with LeMieux noting Florida's unemployment rate is higher than the national average.

"The president is coming to South Florida to ring the cash register for struggling Democrats," LeMieux said. "I hope that the president will spend some time talking to everyday Floridians, not just Democratic fundraisers. If he does, he will find our state is in the worst economic shape anyone can remember. People in Florida are struggling."

He accused the administration's "job killing agenda" of "doing more to hurt the economy than any other factor in the past 18 months."


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Ed Martin

I lost my job in Jan of last year, spent my savings trying to save my house which is now in foreclosure and have to work out of state as contractor...ask me how much I like the president and all of his redistribution of wealth BS. Florida is in a world of hurt and those guys are here looking for a handout!

Ed M.

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