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Hispanic Republicans on the radio for Sink

Three Hispanic Republicans -- Miami-Dade School Board Member Raquel Regalado, economist Tony Villamil and state Sen. Alex Villalobos -- have cut Spanish-language radio ads for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Alex Sink.

The ads were produced by Freddy Balsera, who advised President Obama on Hispanic media in the 2008 campaign. Here's the text:

Hi, I’m Raquel Regalado, and I’m supporting Alex Sink for Governor because we have things in common…both her children, and mine, attended – and attend – public schools.  And because we agree that education needs to be a top priority. Alex Sink recognizes the important role education plays to create jobs.  She has committed to me that she will improve our public education system. That’s why, in this case, our children’s education matters more than political parties. I ask you for your vote for Alex Sink for Governor.

I’m Economist Tony Villamil.  I know how Florida’s economy functions because I was Director of Economic Affairs under Jeb Bush. As an economist, I have compared Alex Sink’s and Rick Scott’s plans and can I tell you with confidence that Alex Sink has the best program to develop new industries and create jobs. She was a successful businesswoman for 26 years who knows how to strengthen our economy. That’s why my family and I are voting for Alex Sink for Governor.

I’m Senator Alex Villalobos.  Even though we belong to different parties, Alex Sink and I have worked closely to combat fraud. That’s why I am so concerned that Rick Scott won’t say why his company was fined 1.5 billion dollars for fraud…the highest fine in history. Today we need transparent leaders that will stimulate the economy, support our public schools and support our small businesses – irrespective of their party. That’s why my family and I are voting for Alex Sink for Governor.


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Denny Wood

It is so nice to see these people helping the ADA violator Sink, who has no restrooms for people in wheelchairs on her cabinet level floors. People with disabilities are working overtime to educate the general public about this ADA Violator Sink. I am very surprised to see this ex-senator supporting ADA Violators. He was the only Chairman who gave the Federal Equal Rights Amendment a committee hearing. He stood apart from the discriminatory repulicans, like Marco Rubio, running the legislature. Maybe he does not know that Denny Wood is trying to remove all the ADA Cabinet members who are ADA violators. The ADA report is at www.dignity4disabled.com and 150 or more visit this web site daily. Denny Wood

Denny Wood

Having Capitol Restrooms remodeled and excluding the creation of a stall wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair is FRAUD. It is fraud to use tax dollars to evade ADA required restrooms. These rennovated restrooms must be done again, with ADA Compliance. The checks to the contractors participating in this FRAUD are out of her office. She has all the financial information on this taxpayer FRAUD.
Denny Wood

Non-Cuban Voter

I see all the ads were done by CUBAN'S. Do they still think ONLY Cubans vote? Do they not know that the biggest turnoff to a Non-Cuban Hispanic's voter is to ONLY send us CUBAN MESSENGERS! What's wrong? doesn't Sink have any non-Cuban supporters?

Also Non-Cuban Voter

I'm a non-Cuban too. However, I realize that since Cubans have been in the south Florida area much longer than other Hispanics, they dominate the political landscape and upper echelons of business. Thirty years ago Cubans were mopping floors and cleaning people's houses. Today they are heads of industry (the Estefans for example) and political leaders. Its a matter of timing, not numbers. That would be like complaining that the jews have too much influence in the New York law scene. Stop complaining. The Cubans paid their dues and are now reaping the rewards. Other's time will come.

Dianne Pearson

My name is Dianne Pearson, I am voting for Alex Sink because I believe Rick Scott belongs in prison like the others that stole from the Insurance companies. I believe Alex Sink to be honest and trust she will work for all of us in Florida and not be pushed around by the Democratic Party like the Republicans tried to do to Charlie Christ.

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