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In Palm Beach, Palin takes a step toward 2012

She had been scheduled for Miami, but the event was scrapped just days before. Now, according to US News & World Report: "Former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is raising new speculation in conservative circles that she is already preparing for a 2012 presidential bid. In the latest and clearest example of her plans, Palin met with some 50 national conservative leaders Wednesday in Palm Beach, Florida where she discussed economic and diplomatic policy and led some to declare that she's in the race.

"This was an indication that she's strongly considering running," said one insider. "She was very knowledgeable and gave intelligent answers, despite how she's been characterized," added the insider. "And she was extremely charming."


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Run, Sara, run PLEASE !!!!!


If True Blue's most fervent desire become true (and it is, I think sadly looking more likely) Ms. Palin better schedule her interview with Michael Putney, her Versailles appearance, and town hall meetings taking real questions from real Floridians in, say, Coral Gables, Davie, and Lake Worth (OK you can replace with other locations of your choice).

And appearances on Meet the Press, This Week, and Face the Nation.

And appearances on Tonight Show, Craig Ferguson, and David Letterman .... oh, sorry, that last one ain't gonna happen, is it!

And on The View. And Martha Stewart. And Jon Stewart.

I agree she can be very charming. So are a lot of people I know. That doesn't mean I want them to become the POTUS.

If she does run, and does not do a public campaign event in South Florida, it will be a big slap in our face. And no, Orlando does not count.

She can run, but she can't hide ... behind Facebook and Twitter posts. In disagreement with True Blue I would prefer she would not waste our time and other people's money doing so since she'll probably quit half way through, but ... that's up to her.

I have half a mind to run for president myself if she does, just to get a chance to debate her. Imagine what I'd do with a whole mind.

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