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In TV spot, Putnam stresses renewables

Agriculture Commissioner candidate Adam Putnam is up with his second TV spot (his first has run for a couple of weeks) that stresses how the agriculture industry could help get new jobs through renewable energies such as wind and solar. The ad is on "most markets" across the state and the campaign has spent about $2 million on TV time so far.

You'll remember that opponent Scott Maddox has argued Putnam has a poor record on renewables, while Putnam has refuted that charge.


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A great spot for Rep. Putnam! People don't understand just how important the Commissioner of Ag position is. Putnam knows ag, has an incredibly strong record in Congress and has the tools necessary to lead our state. If Florida is wise, it will choose this man to be Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services!

Seth Platt

Adam Putnam is An Environmental Neanderthal. His environmental scorecard in every year he has been in Congress gives him an overall average of 8% from the League of Conservation Voters. In 2009, he voted against Greening Schools, against Home Star Energy Legislation, against Ocean Acidification Prevention; against Ocean, Coastal, and Watershed Education Act; against Chemical Security, against American Clean Energy and Security Act, against Water Resources, against Public Lands Protection, Clean Energy Recovery, And has continually Supoorted OFF SHORE OIL DRILLING.
The list goes ONNNNNNNNNNNNN...

Scott Maddox is the Superior Candidate on these issues, coming out strong against off Shore Oil Drilling off Florida's Coast long before it was politically beneficial to do so.

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