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Internal Sink poll shows dead heat

From an internal polling memo done for the Alex Sink campaign: Polls are coming out almost every day now. We should ignore the public polling and continue to drive home the contrast between Rick Scott, who cannot be trusted, compared to Alex Sink’s history of helping small businesses and her plan to improve the economy and strengthen education.

Our own recent poll results show that we remain in a dead heat with Scott (45% Sink – 44% Scott – 2% someone else – 8% undecided). (1,000 likely voters surveyed from Sept. 23-29, Moe: 3.1%)

We should not react to the public polling, which has fluctuated wildly and has frequently had very glaring demographic errors. For example, recent CNN polling failed to report results for Tampa Bay, the largest market in the state at 25%, or report results for black and Hispanic voters, who will account for over 23% of the electorate. The Quinnipiac poll did not release their election modeling either, but to get the results they show is extremely difficult under any likely voter model.

Alex is viewed as a credible and believable candidate. The national political mood is not to blame for how tight the race is; instead, it is attributable to the over $60 million dollars Scott has spent on television. In the past ten days alone, he has outspent the Sink campaign by $2.6 million dollars.

And here's the Rick Scott campaign's reaction to the recent public polls: Today’s Quinnipiac poll in the Fla Gov race is the third in a week showing Rick Scott taking a lead over Alex Sink, having wiped out her post-primary lead that was bumped even more when Bud Chiles left the race and endorsed Sink.  The three-poll average of these latest likely voter polls (Q-Poll, TIME/CNN and Rasmussen) is actually Scott 48.7% to Sink 44.0%, almost a five point lead with the trend in Scott’s favor.  Coming out of the primary five weeks ago, Sink benefited from a heated battle between Scott and Bill McCollum, and, virtually no attention or focus on her.  Five weeks later, as both the Scott campaign and the media have given her record more scrutiny and as Rick has worked diligently to unite the Republican Party, a clearer picture of this race has begun to emerge.  There is still a month to go, but the trend is definitely with Rick Scott.


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HA HA HA HA HAHA. Sink is getting beat in every single public poll and they are wrong. rigggghhhhtttt.

Alex Sink is not likable.


Who ever thought we would long for Jim Davis or Mr. Alex Sink -Bill McBride.

ha ha ah ha hahaha

Max Brody

Rick Scott has hiistory of being oblivious to his company's policy of stealing billions from medicare. If as CEO of HCA, he couldnt keep tabs on his company finance, what will he do to Florida? He paid for his own campaign so he owes nothing to the citizens of FL. He is dangerous for a state already broke. with high foreclosue and high unemployment, & the worst school dropout rate in the nation. He'll only give breaks to the rich and produce no jobs.


Please Explain To Me Why We Tolerate Crist and McCollum?



knows rubio

Please explain to me why so many people are willing to vote for a felon. I am almost ashamed to call myself a Republican.

Had enough

Well Scott will owe something to the corporations throwing money at him. What are they buying? I also have no idea why his Accountability came up before the primaries and now it's a non-issue with teabaggers and anything for the party republicans. A REAL MAN WOULD VOTE FOR ALEX SINK.


NY Times Columnist Admits: Republicans More "civically literate" Than Democrats




Apparently fraud isn't a concern to GOP (Tea party) voters. They just hate Obama because he's black and want to place an racist opposition vote.

Scott's popularity has nothing to do with competancy, ethics or morality. He's an Obama hater - and I guess for some Floridians that's good enough.

Oregon Conservative

After Obama's short tenure as our "leader" along with his discredited bunch of czars and staff that all show strong lineage to socialist ideals and their own set of rule breakers. . .it doesn't matter which party (Republican or Democratic) that we vote for. . . these people have skeletons in more places than their closets. It boils down to . . . . do you want to control the strong move toward socialistic ideals. . . .I say yes. . .we need balance that we don't have now. . .vote SCOTT.

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