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Is Scott's bus tour the largest three-pack in history?

Rachel Burgin and Carlos Lopez-Cantera, come take a ride on the Rick Scott bus tour. We noticed on the back of the Scott tour bus, right under his 7-7-7 plan and famous "Let's Get to Work" logo, there's fine print telling voters they should also support Burgin and Lopez-Cantera in their respective re-election campaigns.

Known as a "three-pack," it's a common practice for TV ads that allows the party to pay for a campaign commercial without triggering limits on the amount the party can spend on a particular candidate. For example, if you look closely at the bottom of an Alex Sink commercial paid for by the Democrats, it might also urge you to vote for Dan Gelber and Loranne Ausley.

But a three-pack bus tour? That's something we hadn't seen before. Check it out for yourself:



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holyland tours

What I think is that yes, Scott's bus tour is the largest three-pack in history? I knew about it when I was on 3 days tour in Scotland. We were 7 friends in this tour and had a great blast there. I still remembered that tour.

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