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UPDATE Raw video: Jeb Bush gets laughs as stand in for Rick Scott

Here's what you didn't get to see on Univisión or online after the first debate between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink Friday night:

After the debate, Sink took questions from the press and continued to slam Scott as she did during the hour-long televised exchange. Also on hand for her camp were two of her GOP supporters, state Sen. Alex Villalobos and Miami-Dade School Board member-elect Raquel Regalado, and HCA whistleblower John Schilling.

Reporters awaited Scott after Sink left the stage in the press room. Scott didn't show, sending several surrogates instead: former Gov. Jeb Bush, Miami Congressmen Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart, former GOP state chairman Al Cardenas and state Rep. Jennifer Carroll, Scott's running mate.

The most memorable moment in the question-and-answer session: when someone asked Bush why he was taking questions instead of Scott. "I don't know," Bush said.

Update: After some technical glitches, we have managed to upload video of the spin room below:


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The St Pete Times Editorial Staff: "Crist For Senate and Pass the Crack Pipe"



Denny Wood

Jeb Bush gets laughs? This chronic ADA violator for 8 years left the Capitol with many ADA Barriers in placed and never addressed by Jeb Bush. These barriers are listed on the ADA Capitol Report posted at www.dignity4disabled.com, along with with some other negative Bush actions.

Maybe Scott just did not want the taint of Jeb Bush, and decided not to be photographed with Bush. Jeb Bush left a long waiting list of people with disabilities needing services with over 6 billion dollars in reserves in the bank. He cited his conservative repubican views for his vetos of people with disabilities line item vetos. Good riddance and may we keep Bush out of public policy forever. Denny Wood


I don't see the video.

matt gordon md

Bush also escaped ahead of federal fraud charges for one of his failed businesses prior to governor. Interestingly Bush was in some kind of healthcare billing scheme, er, business. He bailed a few months before his business partner was charged, convicted and served federal time. Like all sociopaths without conscience, he holds his arrogant head aloft.

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