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UPDATE: John Thrasher and Marco Rubio use Obama visit to raise $$$

Republican Party of Florida chairman John Thrasher is using President Obama's fundraising trip to Miami today to do a bit of fundraising himself.

"Floridians have had enough of the Obama-Pelosi agenda. But Florida Democrat politicians haven’t gotten the message yet," Thrasher says in an e-mail. "They brought Barack Obama to Florida today for fundraising help – and they will owe him if they win their elections. That means more votes for his
current agenda. Are you fed up too?? Here’s how you can send a message to President Obama and Nancy Pelosi that Florida has had enough of their agenda:

"1.   DONATE to help elect Florida Republicans focused on jobs and holding Washington accountable. Click here to donate...

Senate candidate Marco Rubio is using the trip to raise money as well: "The millions he raises today," Rubio's campaign said in an e-mail asking for money, ""Will be used to attack the ideas that are at the very heart of this campaign.


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