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Kathy Castor expresses doubt on administration's plan to lift oil drilling ban

Tampa Democrat Kathy Castor doesn't sound convinced about the administration's plan to lift the deepwater offshore oil drilling ban: "While the Obama Administration has improved safety requirements and oversight of Gulf of Mexico deepwater drilling, I am not satisfied that oil companies have the ability to respond to disasters like BP’s Deepwater Horizon catastrophe or that the Administration has proactively disavowed its March 2010 announcement to consider allowing rigs to operate closer to Florida's west coast beaches.

"Secretary Salazar’s announcement today is no guarantee that an accident will never occur and therefore we must remain vigilant in the face of the Secretary's March 2010 announcement to consider opening additional waters off of Florida's west coast to oil drilling.

"Secretary Salazar has stated there has been 'significant progress' in reforms for drilling and workplace safety.  However, both he and Director Bromwich say 'more needs to be done.'  None of this, the progress, nor the concession that more needs to be done, offers complete assurance that it is appropriate to lift the moratorium early."