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Mack decries 'false attacks and scare tactics' from Crist

A statement this morning from former U.S. Sen. Connie Mack, Sr., Gov. Charlie Crist's political mentor who resigned as Crist's Senate campaign chairman when Crist left the Republican Party:

"It is disappointing that Charlie Crist has resorted to false attacks and scare tactics, all simply to try to win an election. Plain and simple, Charlie’s ad is not true and Florida voters deserve better. What is truly disappointing to me is that I know that Charlie knows that too."

Republican state Sen. Mike Fasano, a Crist supporter from New Port Richey, shot back that there was nothing wrong with Crist's accusations. Fasano sent along this St. Petersburg Times story and said: "Regarding Social Security, Marco Rubio has made it clear and did so on Fox Sunday months ago [saying] 'all of that has to be on the table, including the way we index increases in cost of living.'"

"Bottom line," Fasano wrote in an e-mail, "our seniors have not seen an increase in their social security checks in almost three years and if Marco Rubio gets his way they never will see one."