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Marco Rubio's camp on Obama's Meek ad: No surprise here

Kendrick Meek has battled questions about how enthusiastic national Dems are about his campaign. Now President Barack Obama is out with a radio ad in support and GOP rival Marco Rubio says it's no surprise.

"For nearly two years, Kendrick Meek has been a reliable rubberstamp for the Obama agenda of higher taxes, wasteful spending, more debt and job-killing regulations," says Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos. "When President Obama needed a 'yes' vote in the United States Congress for his anti-jobs proposals, Kendrick Meek was always there.

"So it’s not surprising that the White House would cut an ad for its favorite Congressman. However, Floridians don’t need a rubberstamp in Congress but an alternative like Marco Rubio who is the only candidate who will fight to change the direction Washington is taking our country."