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Maurice Ferre endorses Rick Scott to snub Dems

Former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre, badly defeated in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, has endorsed Republican Rick Scott for governor, calling him an "entrepreneur who clearly understands good opportunities that translate into positive decisions that will create jobs and real economic growth for Floridians."

Ferre makes no bones about it -- he is carrying a grudge against the Democratic primary for not giving him a fair shake in the Senate race. He consistently polled in the single digits.

"Despite the fact that I am a Democrat, I am deeply disturbed by the exclusionary direction of the Florida Democratic Party,'' Ferre says in a statement released by the Scott campaign. "Even though I was the first Hispanic Democrat elected to the Florida state legislature and the first Hispanic Democrat elected mayor of a major U.S. city, I was denied the opportunity to address the Florida State Democratic Convention and denied the opportunity to participate in the Democratic US Senate Debates. This 'politics of exclusion' is an insult to every Hispanic voter in our state.  Too many 2010 Democratic office seekers stood by silently as these injustices were perpetrated."


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Denny Wood

Good for Maurice Ferre. Personally, I am waiting for Scott to address the massive ADA Capitol Report Barriers that is posted at www.dignity4disabled.com. Sink is a habitual ADA violator, first at Bank of America and now at the Cabinet level. The restrooms on her floors are not accessible for people in wheelchairs and this is just fine for Sink. Rennovated restrooms too, and still no stalls for people in wheelchairs. She has the payment records as her office paid the contractors. A simple pledge from Scott to immediately address these ADA barriers will insure and seal his election. Over 20% of Florida are people with disabilities. Denny Wood


Alex Sink showed disrespect for Hispanics at the Univision debate when she said the things she likes most about Hispanic culture are deviled crab and cuban sandwiches. These remarks give us a clue about what she means when she says she will have Hispanic representation in her administration if elected: A minimum wage Hispanic cook to make her deviled crab and cuban sandwiches in Tallahassee!


Sink was part of the massive fraud of the banks that basically made a mess (and defrauded) the American public and investors...

I suggest she be investigated vice elected....





Ferre is a sore loser. And the other commenters above seem to have a problem with reality.

Scott is a Crook

GMAFB Like Rick Scott will be good for Hispanics...I think not.


Sr. Ferre...DESCANSE EN PAZ....

Raul P. Gastesi

I was very disappointed, with Ferre's decision. I could never believed he could endorse, a crook and a racist,I had my highest respect for Maurice until today. is ashame he finishes his carreer in this way. Alex Sink is a niece and better person than RickScott.

Raul P. Gastesi

P.S. I am sorry I voted for you in the primaries.

Terri Webber

Could it possibly have something to do with the massive amount of campaign debt that Ferre incurred? Consider tracking the debts that Ferre owed to the Scott campaign - guarantee you'll see a correlation with the same consultants and similar amounts owed.

Rumor has it Ferre asked Sink's campaign to pay off his debt and she refused. Good for Sink - she wouldn't be bullied into paying off the debt of a candidate who should not have been running in the first place.

The Democratic Party doesn't need Ferre - they are better off without him.

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