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Meek, Crist running on fumes

Another reason why Republican Marco Rubio is sitting pretty in the homestretch of the U.S. Senate race: his rivals are running out  of cash.

Reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show Kendrick Meek with $415,042 and Charlie Crist with $1.39 million as of Sept. 30. Rubio, on the other hand, had $5.5 million.


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Moderate Democrat

Give em hell Charlie!


Kendrick ruined Charlie's chances and has essentially helped Marco Rubio win this seat. He's a bad candidate if all these Democrats are voting for Charlie. IF he wanted the best for Florida, he would have gotten out of the race.


Still time to unite behind Crist.

Only chance to stop Rubio.


Agreed - teach Meek & the Democratic leadership a lesson -- vote for Crist and against all democrats.

Denny Wood

Fumes? Women journalists have elected to forgive Rubio and Rivera of their years of Anti-ERA Activities at the State Legislature. Rubil and Rivera could not have got away with their anti-ERA activity without women journalists looking the other way. Women can be educated on the ERA at www.dennywood.net and see ERA. Behind the handsome faces are two real women's rights obstructionists. Shame on the journalists who have looked the other way year after year on Rubio. Denny Wood


'Uniting' around Crist is a joke. He's a warmed over Republican. It's very simple. Support Meek or elect Rubio. You want to go down with the ship? That's your choice. But don't blame Democrats for voting for a Democrat, which Crist is NOT. Why the hell would I vote for someone who suppports Bush's tax cuts, and criticizes "Obamacare?" If I believed in those positions, I'd vote for Rubio. Anyone who thinks Democrats would unite around a warmed-over Republican like Crist is out of touch with reality. If you're serious about defeating Rubio, then get with the program and unite around Meek. If you refuse to do so, then you're either stupid, arrogant, or secretly want Rubio to win, and whichever one it is, that's not my problem, that's yours. Meek offers a Democratic Senate seat. Crist offers furthering his own career. If you want to destroy the Democratic Party, go ahead, but don't tell me the Democratic nominee, who's always fought for Democratic causes, "ruined" the chances of someone who's been a right-wing Republican his whole life and suddenly became an 'Independent' when his pollster told him he couldn't win as a Republican. If you truly care about the ISSUES, and not about furthering Charlie Crist's career, then get down off your arrogant high horse and support the Democratic nominee. If we all do it, we will have a Democratic Senator. On the other hand, if you insist on sticking with Crist and going down with the ship, then say hello to Senator Rubio. But man, don't tell me we Democrats who are supporting our nominee are the problem. That's the most arrogant trash I've ever heard in my life.


This matter is really quite simple. Since we know that Meek has 20% of the electorate, a vote for Charlie Crist knowingly splits the Democratic vote and will elect Rubio. A vote for Meek significantly increases the chances that Rubio will lose. Therefore, any Democrat who votes for Crist under the present circumstances is either delusional (can't face reality), or is getting bad information. I may not be thrilled with Meek, but I know if I vote for Crist I am splitting the vote and electing Rubio. Therefore I will vote for Meek. I don't see how any other course of action can be logically advocated. We do not live in a theoretical world. We live in a world of choices which must be supported by logic and reason. If the objective is to defeat Rubio, then logic and reason dictate a vote for Kendrick Meek.

Julie in Lantana

Meek is toast. Dead man walking.

He has not taken the fight to Rubio. Crist has.

He has no money and no chance.

Give em hell Charlie!


The only hell "Charlie" is giving anyone is his wife -- when he's home every day, come November.

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