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Mel Martinez takes on Jim DeMint

"He defines success differently than I would," Martinez said of the South Carolina Republican who has championed Marco Rubio and said he'd rather have a minority of like-minded Republicans in the Senate, than what he considers soft Republicans.

"I would say success is how many R's we put into the Republican side of the ledger," Martinez said, according to the Huffington Post. "He views that it is better to lose and have people that actually stand up 100 percent in line with his point of view."


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With all due respect, Senator, you LOST your right to criticize when you walked away mid-term. At least DeMint, with whom I usually disagree, stays in the game.


Mel says this because HE is a RINO!


Mel Martinez would support Marx and Lenin if they just put an R next to their name.
What BS!
There is no sense in electing Republicans if they fold and support leftist ideas.


Martinez was a HUGE disappointment to true Republicans. Well, maybe.

His weakness allows us the opportunity to elect a REAL Republican Senator - Marco Rubio!

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