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Nancy Argenziano resigns from PSC to oppose Scott and 'corrupt' legislature

Public Service Commission Chairwoman Nancy Argenziano stepped down voluntarily from the Public Service Commission Tuesday, two-and-a-half months before her term expires, so that she can work for the election of Democrat Alex Sink and against Republican Rick Scott.

Argenziano, a former Republican state senator from Citrus County who was appointed to the utility board by Gov. Charlie Crist, made the surprise announcement, because, she said "I am terrified if Rick Scott becomes governor, there is no check on the Legislature." Download Argenziano Resignation - 10.12.2010[1]

Argenziano, who has been a harsh critic of the legislature and what she considers its corrupt manipulation of decision-making on the state's utility board, is out of a job because the legislatively-controlled PSC nominating council refused to reappoint her for a second term. She said she has no faith that Scott will stand up to the legislature and, judging by the "house cleaning" that has taken place under incoming Senate President Mike Haridopolos, she said she fears that the state's largest utility companies will run the regulatory board.

Argenziano said she doesn't trust Scott to pursue policies that will keep utility rates for residential customers low because his business plan calls for less regulation of electric companies which, Argenziano said, means lower rates for commercial businesses and "higher rates for the residential customer."

She also blasted Scott's record: "I don't think somebody who has de-frauded Medicare has integrity,'' Argenziano said of Scott. The former chief executive of Columbia/HCA was never accused of fraud, although his company paid a record $1.7 billion federal fine for Medicare fraud after he resigned. Download Argenziano Resignation Speech

Argenziano, who has earned a reputation both in the legislature and on the commission as a maverick with a colorful tongue, said she has not spoken to Sink. "I hope she likes my supporting her -- she may not," she said. Argenziano has no immediate plans for what she plans to do.


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Argenziano is a nasty human being, and I'd say that no matter who she supports.


Thank you.....Now Scott has my vote

Merri Mann

Several Repubs are supporting Sink. I don't know of any dems supporting Scott.


From the metadata of the Word document for her speech, it looks like it was written by Frank Peterson.


Thank you Comm. Argenziano for protecting ratepayers on the Commission and for your support of a practical -middle of the road gubernatorial candidate. Florida citizens thank you.

Bob Arthur

What kind of job were you promised ? If you get a job from Sink you should be prosicuted and return all Republican moneies and get out of Florida ! Traitor !! Sink is a public crook and we payed her and she is a typicle politition as you want to be !! Stupid is as stupid does, your stuck on STUPID !!! Citrus County is ASHAMED of you!!!

Kathy Dasani

I read the article that Nancy wrote about the current situation of government in our state and in Washington. I felt she was writing everything that I felt about our state of affairs in this state and country and I am a Democrat. I feel that corporations are running our country and I'm concerned that those elected have already forgotten their oaths to the state and nation. Our nation is on the brink of bankruptcy. Our country will fall if we don't stand up for our nation's constitution and basic rights. We will go down and that would make many other nations fall right with us. That is the situation facing us. Corruption seems to be the norm in our country anymore. We have had hard times before in this country, but I feel like Nancy that we must get back to what each party really stands for to make this nation great again. Both parites have let this country go down the tubes.


All you people who voted for Scott get what you deserve. A thief.


Amen, "Blogger8479", and they're getting every penny's worth of this crook Scott. Be careful what you wish-or vote-for. And you're gettin' it.

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