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National Dems going after 'young guns,' including David Rivera

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has made it a point as of late to attack aspiring lawmakers whom their GOP counterparts at the National Republican Congressional Committee have labeled "young guns." Among them is state Rep. David Rivera, who is in an already-nasty race against Democrat Joe Garcia to replace GOP Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart.

In its latest release Friday, the DCCC repeated an accusation raised in Garcia's newest attack ad against Rivera regarding a collision on the Palmetto Expressway. The release also brings up a Miami Herald story regarding an accusation made against Rivera in his first campaign in 2002 that resurfaced during the GOP primary this year, before Rivera cruised to victory over two opponents. Rivera has repeatedly denied the accusation.

Democrats have made no secret of the fact that they will try to raise character attacks against Rivera, the powerful state budget chief known for his effective campaigning and fundraising skills. Expect to see our story -- along with the two fliers (here and here) mentioned in it -- again between now and Nov. 2.

And expect Rivera -- and the NRCC, which has called out Garcia for, among other things, taking money in 2008 from beleaguered New York Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel -- to fight back with ads like this one trying to portray Garcia, whose last job was in the Obama administration, as an out-of-touch Washington insider.


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know very little about either but I will go for the Democrat...I trust those who believe in Social Justice more than those who believe in the Sanctity of the budget, the Goddess "Deficit"...I will go for those who care about people first and money second rather than the other way around such as Rivera seems to do....so ALL POWER TO JOE GARCIA lets have more progressive Democrats in Congress to make America much more humane!!!!


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George Fuller

Rivera worked with Zapata and Rubio to block all immigration bills in 2008.

Rivera and Zapata put in 3 amendments in one day to kill HB 567 which would prohibit sanctuary cities.

It is obvious Rivera openly supports illegal immigration.......

But then Garcia probably does too..

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