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Natl GOP says Rubio doesn't need the money

Associated Press: Republican officials say they are canceling $4 million in planned TV ads for Florida, a show of confidence in Senate nominee Marco Rubio who leads in polls. The GOP instead is pouring more money into states where polls show races growing tighter. Republicans are putting another $1.3 million into Pennsylvania. Republican Pat Toomey's lead over Democrat Joe Sestak recently has shrunk. The GOP also is sending another $1.8 million to California. Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer is trying to fend off a challenge from Carly Fiorina. Illinois is to get another $2 million to help Republican Mark Kirk in his race against Alexi Giannoulis. GOP officials familiar with the plans spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss strategy.


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Charlie Crist will stop at NOTHING and I do mean NOTHING to get this seat.

Moderate Democrat

Give em hell Charlie!


Send Rubio $50 right away - Hope this is not true. https://www.marcorubio.com/fight-the-smears/


How come he doesn't need more money? I hear he needs new kitchen appliances to go with the floors he paid with the GOP credit card!...:)

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