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NBA stars Wade and Bosh come out to raise $1 million with President Obama

Miami Heat stars Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are on hand with President Barack Obama to raise an estimated $1 million for Rep. Ron Klein and House Democrats. Herald reporters say they've also spotted former L.A. Lakers and NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

The pool report notes tables at Alonzo Mourning's house are set up under a huge white tent, with a view of Biscayne Bay. Music is playing with a few guests waiting for the festivities. The pool is holding "in the unfinished basement crawl space of Alonzo Mourning." Spotted poolside, dozens of pairs of size 17 sneakers.


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When you buy Heat tickets you are funding Democrats!


And when you fund Democrats, you further the possibility that this country can return to greatness, despite the best efforts of Republicans. Republicans are in it for short-term self-interested gains. Democrats are true patriots. Republicans hate America and Americans. Rubio and his ilk are the stuff found underneath foot in the sewer. Buy Heat tix if that's what it takes.


give it a break....you wanna see the heat...pay you tab and like who you like...stop trying to find a reason to hate ....just because...


f**k obama !!!!


Makes me sick to see rich athletes turn out for
Obama. Maybe D Wade can afford to cough up 50%
of his overbloated income in taxes but most people who live in the real world can't. To make matters worse, they're campaigning against a Black man with a distinguished military record for a scumbag like Klein. I hope most of you folks don't spend your hard-
earned $ to see the Heat. I sure as hell won't!

luv the heat

Love the heat, hate their politics. Obama has done much harm to the country and put us even more in debt. Go heat, down with Obama and the dems.


D Wade has got it correct. Obama took office with the country on the brink of financial collapse. The Republicans left him with a bag of sh## and told him to make dinner with it. Obama is actually doing a better job than Ronald Regan after Regan took office from Jimmy Carter. Unless your not interested in the facts - Check the Bureau of Labor Statistics - After being in office for two years ( 1982 ) - the unemployment rate was 10.6% under Ronald Regan.

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