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New Marco Rubio ad: "We All Know" what Charlie Crist is up to

Marco Rubio hits back against Charlie Crist's latest ad bashing him on Social Security – with "We All Know," an ad that accuses Crist of doing and saying anything to get elected. Here's the ad: 


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buckeye one

poor Marcocito. Caught in a web of lies again!

Clowns to the left;Jokers to the right

Finally Rubio forced on the defensive.

Of course Meek is too meak to take the fight to Rubio.

Anyone but Rubio!

Rubio is a slimeball. He has lived off of his CCE's via the RPOF AmEx for years and refuses to release all the statments. He is currently under investigation by the IRS and the FBI. He hired 20 staffers to work in the Speaker's office at an average of $100,000.00 per. That totals 2 MILLION for his staff alone of taxpayer dollars for a mere 2 years. His wife wanted a fancier lunch room for herself and children to hang out in... so as Speaker, Rubio had the members lunchroom renovated to suit his wife... costing the taxpayers nearly 1/2 Million dollars. Doubled billed both the tax payers and the RPOF for the same flights. Paid to tile his family homes kitchen, paid for repairs to his family mini van, paid for a family reunion at Melana in Thomasville GA. All on the his credit card. He curried favor to a University to secure himself a very high paying "part time" job upon leaving office. Took a job as a lobbyist while he was serving as speaker and got paid $800,000, by a law/lobby firm and did not even have a desk there (this law firm lobbyied the legislature on behalf of many special interest corporations.) Ect., Etc., Ect... Yet he is in personal debt to the tune of a Million dollars and had sligtly more than $8,000 in the bank.

Some fiscal conservative... LOL!

Marco Rubio doesn't give a rat's behind about the people of FL... he is a bought and paid for CROOK!

Concerned voter

Crist is a decent, fair, and nice person.

robert  hay

Marco is going to eat Crist's and Meeks lunch, Thankfully. I suppose we can not count on the votes of the previous posters.

Moderate Democrat

Robert: Don't count on me either.

I'm voting Crist.


Crist ate both Meek & Rubio for lunch in Orlando tonight _ way to go Crist - you showed them what real substance looks like --- Congrats -

Mary Ann

To "Anyone but Rubio" I love you people who spit out facts that are so far off base. Where the hell do you get this information.

Anyone but Rubio!

Mary Ann... I worked in the Florida Capitol with all three of the candidates. I know them very well. So, Mary Ann what the hell do you know? Oh wait I can answer that NOTHING!

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