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Republican city officials back Democrat Klein

Tonight, U.S. Rep. Ron Klein (D-Boca Raton) will be surrounded by powerful Democrats at a fundraiser with President Barack Obama at former Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning's house in Coral Gables.

But in a sign of Klein playing to moderates in the race, he announced this morning that a few Republicans had endorsed him: Palm Beach Mayor Jack McDonald, city of Riviera Beach Council Chair Dawn Pardo and Lighthouse Point City Commissioner Sandy Johnson.

David Brady -- the Republican who lost to West in the primary -- also endorsed Klein. West beat Brady by a landslide in the primary so his endorsement isn't a big boost to Klein's campaign -- though if the race is close every vote could count.

Congressional District 22 which spans coastal and parts of suburban Broward and Palm Beach counties is in a virtual deadheat in terms of Democrat-Republican registration -- that's why Klein is going after Republican and independent voters.


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Obama needs to go!


It is a good thing that Brady did not win the primary now that his true colors are showing through and we know he is really a Liberal plant. He only just registered as a Rebublican in March 2010. The RINOS who endorse Klein are despicable as well. One has to wonder how many of them are actually racists.

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Great story!

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