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Rick Scott, Alex Sink go 1-on-1 in first debate

The war of words playing out over the airwaves between Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink spilled into the Doral studios of Univisión on Friday as the two major candidates for Florida governor faced off in their first televised debate.

Echoing their ubiquitous TV ads, a feisty Sink, in her strongest jabs against Scott yet, tried to paint her opponent into a corner for heading a hospital chain that was slapped with a record $1.7 billion in federal fines for Medicare fraud. An unflappable Scott stuck to his mantra of job creation and portrayed Sink, the state's chief financial officer, as an ineffective Tallahassee insider.

Sink went on the offensive more often than her opponent during the hourlong debate, an effort to blunt the effects of Scott's barrage of negative ads against her in the race. Polls show a tight race.

The latest survey, a Mason-Dixon Polling & Research poll released Friday, showed Sink with a narrowing, four-percentage-point lead over Scott. Though she is still better liked than Scott, the number of voters who view Sink negatively reached double-digits, a sign that her GOP rival's attacks are resonating with some voters. Full story here.


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Sink Slurs Hispanics in Debate. Alex "Deviled Crab" Sink showed much disrespect for the Hispanic people of Florida during her first debate against businessman Rick Scott. She showed her low opinion of Hispanics as a people in answering a simple question from the debate moderator about her views on Hispanics. Here is her direct quote from the transcript.

" Well the first thing that comes to mind about the Hispanic culture is the, is the willingness to share emotion and to express feelings and to show love with one another. And I have many Hispanic friends here in Florida. And I could name so many things that – I have to say food because living for five years here in Miami and then the remainder of the time in Tampa there's nothing I like better than going into Ybor City and eating my deviled crab and my Cuban sandwiches and my Spanish bean soup. And in terms of contributions, oh my word, the contributions of Hispanics, all over the State of Florida. We can start with St. Augustine. We can talk about Miami of course. The long tradition of history and Ybor City and then Tampa which is my home, it's amazing and that's the power… "

Sad. That a politician like her has so much disdain for a group of individuals that is so important to Florida and America. Never once mentioning the character and integrity of Florida's Hispanics. It appears Alex "Deviled Crab" sink thinks only white Tallahassee politicians like herself have any integrity and that folks like businessman Rick Scott and Florida's Hispanics are beneath her.

Jep Tatum

I saw the debate last evening and Alex Sink does not look like "chief executive of the State" material to me. I cannot see Rick Scott "begging" insurance companies to stay in Florida as Sink said she did. Scott looks like a sharp businessman who knows how to work with business people and insurance companies to get things done for Florida. Sink looks like a sweet grandma who does a good job of looking after grandpa and the grand kids.

Jep Tatum

One more thing. Alex Sink said that she had received 10 newspaper endorsements to none for Rick Scott. Anyone who cares to check knows that most newspapers are liberal and tend to endorse the Democrat, regardless of the facts or what is good for Florida. Furthermore, newspapers love to act as the "gatekeeper" through which political candidates must pass. And, if you don't pass through their gate and "kiss their ring" (or something else...), then you are automatically trashed and your opponent is automatically endorsed.

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