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Rick Scott and Alex Sink's other job record

Florida's leading candidates for governor boast of their savvy business experience and ability to create new jobs, but left unspoken is that each left a trail of pink slips as they blazed through the cutthroat world of corporate mega-mergers.

Democrat Alex Sink and Republican Rick Scott each eliminated an estimated 6,000 Florida jobs over their careers, according to a Miami Herald/St. Petersburg Times analysis of a decade worth of news reports, company records and hospital data from the 1990s. Scott accounted for at least 2,000 more job reductions in hospitals outside Florida, according to news reports.

Still, the strikingly similar job-loss numbers underscore how much the two candidates have in common -- even as they play up their partisan differences in the campaign to lead a state where one million people can't find work and 1 in every 155 houses is in foreclosure. More here.


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George Fuller

People don't forget Scott is an entrepreneur and Sink was an employee.....


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Ugh, I don't like either Scott or Sink. Both are money-stealing, job killing crooks. The only difference: one came from the health care business (Scott) while the other came from the banking business (Sink). The people of the great state of Florida are basically stuck with two choices where either way you go, YOU LOSE! Of course, there's third party choices, but too many voters are stuck with a false dichotomy of republicans or democrats that they fail to consider those alternatives, and that's SAD.

Stven Hay

Neither come across as "Executive Leadership" material, but this article demonstrates a clear desire to streamline and do what it takes to reduce costs. Why would this article slant this part of their record as a negative???

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