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Rick Scott pounces, sends criticism back saying Alex Sink 'lacks integrity'

Republican Rick Scott blasted Democrat Alex Sink for a "lack of integrity" Wednesday after CNN called her out for changing her story as to why she accepted a text message during the Monday debate. While the Scott campaign has worked carefully to turn every criticism Sink has lobbed at him -- failed oversight, evasive answers and lack of integrity -- back onto her, this opportunity fell into his lap.



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Scott is a Crook

This video of Rick Scott's deposition shows who lacks credibility and integrity http://youtu.be/LIYad3TvY6Q?a

Dan Kirchoff

Rick Scott is a brainless Medicare Fraud King.
This was exemplified in the last debate. What don't you understand about the four year period where Rick Scott was told to clean up Medicare Fraud at Columbia/HCA by the Federal government and Rick Scott did nothing since his company was making one billion dollars a year in Medicare fraud with just one of the company divisions? Rick Scott was forced to resign because he failed to comply with these laws. What don't you get about this?

George Fuller

Sink also has not a clue about immigration law.

Sink says as governor she would levy heavy fines on employers that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

You would think someone running for governor would know Federal Immigration Law FORBIDS MONETARY FINES on employers who hire illegal aliens.

The only course of action a state can take is to suspend or revoke a business license.

Sink has been saying the same thing all campaign so her staff doesn't have a clue either what they are talking about.......

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