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Rick Scott's 4-day special-interest cash-haul binge

The latest numbers are up for Rick Scott's Let's Get to Work political committee, and it looks like the candidate who once decried special interest money is growing more special-interesty by the day. From Oct. 5 to Oct. 8, Scott reported taking $308,0000 from 26 donors. The big check writers include the Florida Chamber of Commerce ($100k), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida ($50k), NY investment company Holly Brook Associates ($30k), Florida Optometric CCE ($25k), a company called School Development ($20k), the nursing home lobby's group Our Elders Count ($10k).......


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The more you learn about Rick Scott, the worse it gets!


Now, if he had taken money from SEIU, the Trial Lawyers of America, the Restaurant and Hotel Workers of America and the NEA would you still use the term "special interest?" Or, as I suspect, if the contribution is to an R it is "special," and therefore dirty; give to a D and all is clean, clean, clean. Grow up, get real and write with a bit of integrity.

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