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Rick Scott's new ad uses Sink's statements on cheating against her

"If someone lies or cheats, I hold them accountable." Those words from a television ad of Democrat Alex Sink's early in the campaign are now being used against her in a new web ad by the Rick Scott campaign for governor. Scott's add strings together media reports on the debate episode in which Sink received a message on a Droid phone from her political advisor on Monday. Sink fired the aide, Brian May, and later said she didn't know what the message said.

With three new polls showing a statistical tie, and three days after the incident, Scott's campaign is running the ad statewide.


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Robert Jenkins

So Richard (can I call you Dick) Scott is crying foul? As a Republican, it is beyond me how my party chose (Dick) Scott as candidate for Governor. I admit McCollum was an even worse choice, Macallister would have esaily won this race. Funny thought; Alex Sink wins, Marco Rubio wins, Marco Rubio is indicted and is forced from office. Gov Sink offers an olive branch by appointing former Republican Governor Crist to fulfill the balance of Rubio's term. Wonder if he and Rivera would room together again in the joint? lol


Robert you are as much of a Republican as Chris Matthews who also said Alex Sink lied to him. Seems she is having problems telling the truth to anyone these days.

Barry Goldmeier

Let's compare this insignificant issue to the possibility of turning over the State treasury, pension fund and contracting authority to Rick Scott who has made huge sums of money by obtaining government funds under false pretenses. Maybe the $75 million he spent on his campaign could turn out to be good investment for him.

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