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Ron Klein goes on TV with Allen West's biker background

Rep. Ron Klein is up today with a new ad that highlights what he calls Republican challenger Allen West's "dangerous ties" to the Outlaws motorcycle gang.

The controversy was sparked a week ago with an NBC News report that West had invited the Outlaws to an event, despite warnings from a supporter.

Honored from Ron Klein for Congress on Vimeo.


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jj campbell

Oh please!!! Klien is way out of line with this sort of smear.


Puleese, check all over the web. The same bikers he accused of being thugs are phtographed with him while he courted their votes in December. Klein has no honor. I have already voted for West and if I could figure out how the democrats do it, I'd vote again, but I'm not dead yet.


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This has got to be one of the funniest elections I've ever seen in my life! Klein is the most desperate piece of human waste in the world right now. And his ads are reflecting that. I can't wait till he loses!!!

MAtthew in the USA


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