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Rubio to rally with Palin, tea partiers co-opted

Everett Wilkinson, chairman of the Florida Tea Party (not to be confused with the registered political party) has been planning a statewide, Oct. 23 rally at Orlando City Hall for at about one month.

Then Sarah Palin came along. She and the Republican National Committee announced a rally on -- you guessed it -- Oct. 23 -- at the Orlando World Center Marriott, about 15 miles away.


"If all the places that the RNC could have a rally, why did they pick the same place as mine?'' lamented Wilkinson. "We've been telling people they can come to our rally and help get out the vote and listen to patriots, or they can go to the other thing and pay to listen to politicians.'' 

General admission to the Palin rally is $20.10. Start time is 3 p.m. Senate nominee Marco Rubio will be there; no word yet from gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott The tea party rally is at noon, free and gets you Grover Norquist.