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Rubio trying to lend Rivera star power?

Marco Rubio, a frontrunner for U.S. Senate and a national name in the Republican party, campaigned Wednesday with a close pal on shakier political ground -- congressional candidate David Rivera -- at one of the busiest early voting sites in Miami-Dade.

Rivera has been stung by reports in The Miami Herald that he reported income from the U.S. Agency for International Development on the sworn financial disclosure forms he filed as a state legislator, even though the federal agency has no record of his employment. Rivera amended the forms to remove USAID after the Herald story but has repeatedly refused to say what he does for a living.

Rivera is running against Democrat Joe Garcia, a former chairman of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party and Obama administration official. He and Rubio spoke to reporters at the West Dade Regional Library.

"I'm honored to be here with some other exciting candidates that are on the ballot, beginning on the federal level with David Rivera, who's a candidate for Congress and is doing a phenomenal job,'' said Rubio, who served with Rivera in the Florida House until term limits forced him out in 2008. "I have no doubt that two weeks from yesterday, David will be the new congressman from District 25."

Rivera and Rubio co-own a a home together in Tallahassee that was briefly the subject of a foreclosure lawsuit after the mortgage went unpaid for five months, according to court documents. The matter was settled.

For the past four years, USAID was the only income reported by Rivera, aside from his $30,000 salary as a legislator. Since 2003, he has not reported income from consulting work, even though state ethics rules require the disclosure of any annual income over $1,000.

Since Rubio has a financial commitment with Rivera, it seemed reasonable to ask him if he knew how Rivera earns his money. "You need to ask him,'' Rubio said. "I'm here to talk about my campaign.''

Rivera said: "Look at the financial disclosure forms. They speak for themselves."


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I refuse to think that Floridians are going to vote for the democrat marxist, Castro operative. Rivera is the clear choice.

Martha Ginory

Lincoln Diaz-Balart said something on Spanish radio last week that best describes this scene. "Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres" Boy, those words are out to bite him. Translation: "Tell me who you hang around with and I'll tell you who you are" People beware of Marco Rubio, he is not what he seems to be. Chameleon.

South Florida Cuban

Marco Rubio and David Rivera's campaigns are controlled by Republican operatives who do business in Cuba and were in charge of George W. Bush's disastrous fiscal policies.

Robert Jenkins

See, knowing that Rubio and Rivera "shared" so much together, foreclosure, grants to buiness partners, and the same room (not that there's anything wrong with that); it should come as no surprise, dear Marco is trying to ride to little Davies rescue. I think both will soon be indicted anyway; so why waste your votes on them. So if Sink wins the Governor's race; and Marco is arrested and convicted, will she appoint a fellow Democrat to fill his seat?

marc cooper

In the most important race in tis election, Pam Bondi has refused to debate her opponent and allow the voters who they think is the better candidate.

See below,


any self-respecting voter should be disgusted by this.


This is why Fidel threw this crap out of Cuba !!!


You Vote for Schleps like Rubio/Rivera and you get a One Trick Ponies with La Partia and Fidel as their only issue. Voters get what they deserve and vote into office.


Didn't Jim Norman from Bradenton/Sarasota just get kicked off the ballot by a judge for doing the very thing that Rivera has just been caught doing... lying on about his income on the financial disclosure???


In fact, it is not Rubio who's gaining ground; it's crooked Kendrick Meek -- wo could never get elected -- who will give Rubio his victory, in the event he actually wins the election.


I absolutely love the comment about the 'mulatico' Rivera being the choice. The level of primitivism that the Herald readers possess is simply outrageous. LOL And Joe Garcia being a Marxist. Really, dude? Why, wasn't Joe Jorge Mas Canosa's right hand man at the Cuban-American Foundation? How wild can you Tea Party people be?

disgusted taxpayer

Reply to tootie -- Yes Republican Senate JIM NORMAN was disqualified from the ballot by a Judge: due to filing a false Financial Disclosure forms -- failed to disclose a $500,00 gift to his wife from a campaign supporter two years ago -- but he is from Hillsborough County, not Sarasota/Bradenton.


8:35 Thanks for the clarification. I knew he was from the west coast somewhere.

I kinda think Garcia should file a similar lawsuit. Now there is precedent.


Hey - does Rubio still have that home of his in foreclosure?

Someone tell him to check out;


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