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Rubio's two-minute closing argument on TV

Get out the hankies. Senate frontrunner Marco Rubio has released what his campaign is calling the "closing argument" of his campaign, and it comes with arresting images of war, the Depression, children waving American flags, and old black-and-white photos of his parents.

As the frontrunner, Rubio can afford to close out with a mostly positive message that only briefly chides "typical politicians who will say or do anything or fall for the same false attacks they recycle almost every election." The ad wraps in the main themes of his campaign -- that American is "exceptional;" that he, as the son of immigrants, is the product of that exceptional society; and that he will protect this land of hopes and dreams from darker forces in Washington.

Take a look:


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Partiot Come Lately

Proud to have you as my future senator

Big D

Marco Rubio is of the Darker forces.
His policies are callous and unethical.
His impudent attitude and political bullying tactics serve only him and the ultra rich.
Rubio's extreme right wing positions are not in line with the majority of the electorate.
Rubio will be another member of the Party of NO pandering to corporate interests over those of Floridians.
Marco is Florida's version of the Anti-Christ or at least he shares many of his political positions with him.

Clowns to the left;Jokers to the right

There is still time for the rational to unite against the far right extreme Rubio.

Give em hell Charlie!


Maybe I missed it, but I'm still waiting for Rubio to call out the thug tactics of his would-be colleagues Joe Miller and Rand Paul as they detain and beat people up, and not completely denounce those who did what they did. His parents saw free speech being stifled by force in Cuba, he should be strongly against it here and now.

You know what they say, if you're not against it, you're for it.


Happy: Rubio is the one candidate in this whole election that is worth voting for. Sad: Most of the others represent candidates that I will vote for to keep their opponent out of office.

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