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Scott hits Sink for lobbyist on campaign; but he has his own

The Republican Party of Florida seized on the chance to make some more political hay over the debate flap Wednesday and submitted a public records request for all the email between Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, or her staff, and Brian May, Sink's fired political advisor.

May is a lobbyist who represents insurance companies and reinsurers and is registered to lobby the executive branch, including Sink's office. Sink does not regulate insurance companies but regulates insurance agents and polices insurance fraud. She also sits on the three-member Cabinet which oversees insurance regulation. May was fired from his position as an unpaid advisor to Sink's campaign after he attempted to deliver a message to her during Monday's debate.

But if the RPOF and the Rick Scott campaign want to call attention to lobbyists working on political campaigns, they may want to note that the practice has a long tradition in Florida, including among Republicans. Political consultants who lobby is big business in Tallahassee and several of Scott's own advisors are lobbyists: John French, whom the campaign paid $22,000 for legal and consulting work, Jonathan Costello  whom the campaign paid $26,000. Scott, like Sink, also has unpaid advisors who are veteran lobbyists: Gary Rutledge, and Billy Rubin.



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J.M. McMillan

If Rick Scott is not careful this silly "icheat" thing is going to boomerang on him by election day. Voters already dislike him and those who will decide this race are tired of all (t)his mudslinging. She has been "pushed around" for three days now about the same thing by four men; Rick Scott, John King, Adam Smith, and Chris Matthews. Informed female voters are beginning to take note and DO NOT APPROVE OF IT!!


I don't care if you are a man or a woman if you lie to those three reporters they are going to nail you. Matthews especially has a reason to be upset. He carried her water on a national broadcast and 30 minutes later it was proven she lied to him. You are not talking about an in the tank conservative with Matthews.

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