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Scott writes his campaign a final $11.6 million check, bringing total to $73 million

Republican Rick Scott gave his campaign for governor another $11.6 million in the final 12 days, breaking $73 million for his entire race.

For some perspective, $11.6 million is more than Democrat Alex Sink raised in her entire campaign. And that's almost $4 million more than Democrat Jim Davis collected four years ago...

For those of you counting at home, those are checks of:

*$3.814 million on Oct. 18. 
*$5.6 million on Monday. 
*$1.6 million on Thursday, the last day of fundraising. 
*$600,000 a bit later on Thursday.

Granted, Sink and her allies funneled quite a bit through the Florida Democratic Party, but its taken the FDP five years to raise $73 million.

This just seems like one of the rare times in journalism that an exclamation point is necessary: $73 million!

-- Michael C. Bender


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Why? Because you and I will never have that kind of money? Or because you believe that spending one's own money on something they believe in is wrong? Not sure the point here but personally I would rather see a person put up their own money than to make promises to unions and other liberal groups to get their money.


BM really??????

So this mean that any rich person can buy the election and if anyone else can run is basically screw. So much for democracy. The dude is spending all the money he got from his dubios dealings. If he sees something wrong in Florida,,,,, who has been running the Capitol for 12 years. Republicans!!!!!!!

So please cut the garbage about the liberals crap and wake up to reality.

So sick and tired of garbage politics and the people that believe this garbage.

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