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Sink accuses Scott of 'trying to buy the office' as he saturates the airwaves

Democrat Alex Sink accused her Republican rival Monday of being a mystery candidate who is trying to buy the office Monday as she appeared before the St. Petersburg Times editorial board.

“I just refuse to let Rick Scott hijack my state without a fight,’’ Sink said, during the hour-long, wide-ranging interview. “He’s trying to buy the office,’’ she said.

Sink said she believes that voters who support Scott in the polls know about his history but , “maybe they don’t care – or are just so angry with the state of affairs we find ourselves in, they put their beliefs aside and think that it’s not that important. I don’t know what they’re thinking,’’ she added, “because it’s stunning to me, frankly.’’

Sink noted how, prior to running for governor Scott had little civic involvement in Florida, and was little known even within the town of  Naples where he moved seven years ago, after retiring from the company he founded.
"He's basically a guy who made $300 million leaving his company, so he came to Florida so he would not have to pay income tax," Sink said.

Sink accused Scott of giving the public managed information about his history, informed only by the 30-second television ads that have blanketed the airwaves.

“He hasn’t’ made himself available in any forums, to ed boards, or in any way where you could sit down with him and have a serious policy discussion,’’ she said. “So I have to believe that the whole strategy is: throw a lot of money, do a lot of negatives, don’t do any debates until the very end.’’