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Sink accuses Scott of 'trying to buy the office' as he saturates the airwaves

Democrat Alex Sink accused her Republican rival Monday of being a mystery candidate who is trying to buy the office Monday as she appeared before the St. Petersburg Times editorial board.

“I just refuse to let Rick Scott hijack my state without a fight,’’ Sink said, during the hour-long, wide-ranging interview. “He’s trying to buy the office,’’ she said.

Sink said she believes that voters who support Scott in the polls know about his history but , “maybe they don’t care – or are just so angry with the state of affairs we find ourselves in, they put their beliefs aside and think that it’s not that important. I don’t know what they’re thinking,’’ she added, “because it’s stunning to me, frankly.’’

Sink noted how, prior to running for governor Scott had little civic involvement in Florida, and was little known even within the town of  Naples where he moved seven years ago, after retiring from the company he founded.
"He's basically a guy who made $300 million leaving his company, so he came to Florida so he would not have to pay income tax," Sink said.

Sink accused Scott of giving the public managed information about his history, informed only by the 30-second television ads that have blanketed the airwaves.

“He hasn’t’ made himself available in any forums, to ed boards, or in any way where you could sit down with him and have a serious policy discussion,’’ she said. “So I have to believe that the whole strategy is: throw a lot of money, do a lot of negatives, don’t do any debates until the very end.’’


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Sink hasnt exactly told us a lot about herself and how she ruined lives at NationsBank. She has said little of her involvement with bilking taxpayers out of money while on the board of Sykes Enterprises.

Sink also wont explain why she is taking so much money from unions and trial lawyers. Just who will she fight for as Governor? My guess is that Alex Sink will be a union hack driving businesses out of Florida.


Seems like politics is run like the mafia where you have to pay off the right people like in Goodfellas. You give away millions of dollars to anybody that comes near you and you get respect. Then you buy the Governor's mansion from organized crime. Doesn't seem fair does it? There aught to be a law against Rick Scott. Really. Lets don't just think of this election as just a bad Batman movie with Rick Scott playing the Joker. We need serious changes in our laws. We the citizens want justice for all, not just for the super rich Rick Scott's who work like Al Capone or other Godfathers of Organized Crime. Laws should prevent career criminals from getting into politics. Federal laws should be changed. There was plenty of first hand evidence against Rick Scott to lead to a serious federal penalties for him and personal fines. He owes our country nearly a half billion dollars in unprosecuted crimes fines from his swell job at Columbia/HCA. Add in his frauds a Solantic while you are at it.

Dorene Elizabeth

I have finally figured out how Scott will create jobs and why he is the logical choice to get Floridians back to work during this recession.
Once he is elected the authorities will be unable to prosecute fraud cases in general, but they will especially be precluded from prosecuting cases of fraud against the government. After all, every defense attorney worth his salt will be making implicit and persuasive arguments for jury nullification. Juries aren't stupid, no matter how they are portrayed on T.V. They will know that the government doesn't even believe its own argument if it's leader got rich doing the same thing the defendants are on trial for. So the prosecutions will stop. Regulations and statues will no longer stand in the way of wealth creation. It will be the Conservative paradise that Rick Scott and the Tea Party drones have been clamoring for.
This won't be so bad; the money will be flowing more plentifully into the state from the Medicare and Medicaid trusts. In South Florida we will be the home of myriad new millionaires who will have learned how to bilk the Feds out of payments once the liberal regulators get out of their way.
Since fraudsters are especially fond of spending their money quickly and foolishly, the consumer culture will be back and we'll all be dancing without a care about ever having to pay the fiddler. It will be just like the good old days of Cocaine Cowboys, this time without the guns.
Voila, we will have new boom times in Florida.
This has to be our plan in voting for Rick Scott. Because until someone tells me how we can reduce the corporate taxes in the face of projected short falls in revenue between 6 and 7 billion, I am assuming that Rick Scott's plans to follow the above pattern. He deserves to be heard and appreciated for the courage he has shown, that is, running for governor on the felony platform.
The only people who can be discredited for hopping on the felony platform are the ones who previously backed a candidate with integrity who has steadfastly refused to back his former opponent. That's right, everyone who formally called out Rick Scott for what he is and now support him, should ask themselves why they go into politics in the first place. It's amazing they can even look themselves in the mirror.

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