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Sink and Scott spar over jobs and immigration in first half of debate

Florida's candidates for governor are in the midst of an hour-long Univision debate and there have been a few sparring points. The first came when the candidates were asked how they would get more Floridians workign. Republican Rick Scott referred to his "seven-step plan" and his promise to "run the state like you run your business."

The remark was an invitation for Democrat Alex Sink to deliver this carefully-prepared line, claiming Scott's is that he has been "living in Florida just barely seven years, taken the Fifth almost 75 times and spent about $70 million. That's your 7-7-7 plan."

On immigration, Sink said that she has the support of law enforcement, who endorse her plan, and that "the federal government has failed us" and it should "take action to pass comprehenvies reform. However, Florida is not Arizona."

"My approach would be this: to require or to increase the penalty on businesses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and take away jobs from Floridians." 

Scott didn't back down from his support of the Arizona law but said "we need to make sure the federal government does its job" and "we need to be sure that there's no racial profiling."


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The point is that none of these two candidates understand economics and the fact that an economy cannot be run like a business. On top of it, their business experiences are bad; we don't want somebody who fired 6,000 working people, or who cheated Medicare! These are the worst!
We want DR. FARID KHAVARI (Ph,D.), who has a sound economic plan to create one million new jobs in private sector without subsidies.

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