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Sink brings HCA whistleblower to Univision spin room

Democrat Alex Sink brings HCA whistleblower John Schilling to the Univision debate's spin room. The debate, which is being taped now, will be aired at 11 p.m. on the Spanish language channel.

Schilling, a former accountant at Fawcett Memorial in Port Charlotte, blew the whistle on the fraud and went undercover for the FBI. He said some of the fraud preceded Scott and that he had no evidence that the gubernatorial candidate ever knew about it.

"There was a lot of pressure to meet the expectations of big profits, and without them people could be out of a job," said Schilling. "That culture led people to look the other way, keep their jobs and make advancements in the organization."

More to come.


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So this "top level" informant who knew everything could not Prove that Scott had anything to do with this? Then why is he there? Because Sink wants to smear Scott by implying that he had something to do with it. Sure she is not Bill McCollum's sister?

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