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So who else should drop out?

A supporter at an Allen West appearance today in Broward County jokingly suggested a new path to victory for the Republican challenger: get former President Bill Clinton to ask Ron Klein to get out of the congressional race.

Allen laughed heartily, but demurred. "We want him to stay in the race," West said. "We want a race."

West stopped at an early voting site in Broward, autographing campaign signs and hugging supporters.

"Stay conservative," one woman told him. "I will," West replied, "There's no other way."

Observers suggest the race will be a squeaker. West lost to Klein in 2008, but has more money and name recognition this time around.


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I think the media should get out of the race.


Col West is THE only choice for the Congressional seat in Broward - Kline had his chance and all we got was bigger debt - retire KLINE!

Denny Wood

To "BM"

The media did get out of a race. They are under orders not to reveal the truth. Take Marco Rubio. The media do not devote a line or two about how Marco Rubio, as Speaker of the House, killed off the ERA all by himself for two years. You can read about it at www.dennywood.net

By "getting out of the race" millions of women in Florida are kept in the dark about the media darling and wicked Rubio.

Personally, the women in the media need a backbone. And use this backbone to do some honest reporting of Rubio and the ERA.

These women in the media know how I feel as I have "spoon fed" them the ERA and Rubio behavior over and over.

Denny Wood

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