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Tea party groups line up against Amend. 4

The conservative Americans for Prosperity has released a list of 28 local tea party groups that oppose Amendment 4, the "Hometown Democracy" proposal that would require a vote on changes to local comprehensive plans. Check out the full list below the jump.

Cape 9-12
West Orlando Tea Party
N. Florida Tea Party
James Madison Institute
DC Works for Us
Titusville Patriots
Florida 9-12 Project
SWFL 9-12 Project
Lee 9-12 Project
Pinellas Patriots
Punta Gorda Tea Party
13 Patriots
Forest Tea Party
Bear Witness
Tampa 9-12 Project
Orlando Political Press
Central Florida Tea Party Council
Lower Taxes Now
Tea By The Sea Tea Party
Naples 9-12 Project
Orange County Campaign for Liberty
Florida Campaign for Liberty
Orlando/Kissimmee 9-12 Project
Brevard 9-12 Project
Volusia 9-12 Project
First Coast Tea Party
Tea Party Solutions
Ocala Tea Party


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Teabaggers are Ignorant!

Funny how these Teabagger groups have 9/12 or patriots... as a part of their organizations name. Yet they are so ignorant that they don't even realize who is behind their candidates funding. Foreign Corporations that want the US to export our jobs off shore. Patriots my beind... these whack jobs are total nuts. They listen to "bought and paid for talking heads", like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Stupid is as Stupid does... and Beck and Hannity preach the stupid in this country (i.e. those that vote against their own best interests, because they are too dumb to know the difference.)

Partiot Come Lately

And the current administration is doing how much better? Give me Liberty and less government any day

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