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Video: Alex Sink responds to debate-cheat flap

We didn't get a lot of time asking Democrat Alex Sink about the cheating issue during last night's debate. Here's the best we could do


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Johnny Lightning

Alex Sink’s latest case of cheating in the debates and shifting blame to others mirrors her efforts to avoid responsibility for the $24 billion pension meltdown and her role in the banking collapse.

You stink Sink.

enough already

How much more time did you think you needed? Seems to me she answered your question fully. Don't know why you're complaining. And don't know why, given all that faces Florida, you think this is the story that deserves your attention today.


You are lying Alex Sink. I was there in the room and I saw you read the cell phone. You once again fail to take responsibility for your actions. Instead find a fall guy.


She cheated, then lied about reading it when she clearly did! We need to SINK her candidacy here and now! All office holders should swear to not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do. Alex Sink is dispicable.


Rick Scott STEALS billions from you. Gets out of jail by invoking 5th amendment 75 times. You don't care!? Makes up bunk proven wrong about Sink and the retirement system so you forget about Rick Scott's CRIMES. Your own Republican leaders told you about it! She reads a phone put in her face and you go crazy. The end of the Republic is right around the corner. You nuts will get what you wanted.


Background On A Couple Issues During 25 Oct 10 Florida's Governor Debate: Trains and Pension Plan



David Young

Alex acted decisively and honestly. Rick Scott questioning her truthfullness is laughable. Scott supporters can't you accept the fact that your guy is a crook without trying to place blame on Alex Sink? Ethically there is NO comparison. Every major newspaper has vetted both candidates and not one is supporting Rick Scott. You support him anyway. No matter how illogical, that is your right.

Katrina In Tampa

The tape shows that Alex Sink looked at that message on the phone which is CHEATING. While she was talking about ethics!!!! Pretty pathetic.

But then again, she is for stealing from one group and giving to another with Obamacare and Obama/Pelosi/Reid and Sink's liberal agenda.


J'accuse!: My Cousin Got Caught Cheating At the FL Governor's Debate



j Nelson

This pleading the 5th is getting pretty sick, first of all, this happened in a court case 2 years after he left the HCA. Scott was instructed by his lawyer to take the the 5th based on the fact, that he had not been involved with them for over two years and did not know what was going on and could not honestly answer the questions being asked.

Read the Facts, not the garbage you are fed.

By the Way Sink Is lying, when the make up person presented the phone to her she stated it was a staff member. What is all this garbage she is creating to excuse the incident?

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