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Video: The reel Rick Scott's deposition-jitsu

Republican Rick Scott doesn't ask what the definition of "is" is. But in a two-plus hour deposition taken in a 1995 anti-trust hospital case (Orlando Regional vs. Columbia/HCA) the former hospital exec did need to know the meanings of the words "chain," "aegis," "planning," "occupancy," "overcapacity," "desirous," "corporate hospital law," "market" ......

Here's the candidate as you've never seen him, calmly slipping questions and answering them with questions of his own.



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Mmm, cheese

All I see is a cheesy ad...


Is Scott the leather jacket guy?

M Smith

The advertisement for cheese was seen twice;
there was nothing shown regarding Rick Scott's deposition.

Video Deposition California

Nice making of video and audio .....It is not crap..Effects are good!

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