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Video: Watch Rick Scott get deposed

Alex Sink's campaign for governor has clipped up the video deposition Rick Scott gave in Nashville on St. Patrick's Day on March 17, 1995. The lawsuit was filed by Orlando Regional Healthcare System against Columbia/HCA.

Here;ss our story about this deposition and two others. And here are some excerpts from those depositions.


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Robert Jenkins

With this as evidence of the type of person Scott is; it will not make one bit of difference to Republicans in Florida. They could show him (Scott)stompng a puppy; and the RPOF would say it was President Obama's dog that was sent to kill Scott. And a majority of Florida republicants would accept that as gossple.


What a scumbag...


I never voted for a D before now!

J.M. McMillan


Kudos to you.

If only these ticked-off, anti-anything, Democrat-hating lackeys knew how badly they were voting AGAINST their own interests they would seek a mental-health evaluation!


Sink was part of the massive fraud of the banks that basically made a mess (and defrauded) the American public and investors...

I suggest she be investigated vice elected....





Experts agree, Rick Scott is a scumbag!

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