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Vote for budget referendum on the ballot will be symbolic

Lost in the thicket of candidates and amendments on the Nov. 2 ballot is an opportunity for Floridians to demand a balanced budget amendment for the U. S. Constitution.

But no matter how they vote, they won't get one.

The measure is on the ballot primarily for its symbolic message, said Florida Senate President Jeff Atwater (R-North Palm Beach), who persuaded legislators to approve the nonbinding referendum.

``Something of this magnitude, indebting our grandchildren to a debt they can never repay, we thought it was important to let the people of Florida express themselves,'' Atwater said. More here.


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How ridiculous! If ever something like this was ever binding, any and all social programs for the elderly, sick and disabled. Also the (socialist) public schools. Before any of their welfare programs (ie. tax breaks for corporate businesses, industrial military complex, and of course the very, very rich)Why? Because that's how they (the Repubs) roll. They want us all just to eat s**t and die!

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