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Wasserman Schultz calls out GOP Nazi reenactor

The controversy over an Ohio Republican congressional candidate who has dressed as a Nazi in World War II reenactments -- began percolating over the weekend with a Sunday morning talk show reference by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

In an interview on CNN last night, Rich Iott defended his role in the reenactments and panned Republican Eric Cantor, one of the highest profile Jewish lawmakers in Washington --because Cantor sought to distance himself from Iott after Wasserman Schultz brought him up.

"You have one candidate in Ohio who actually thinks it's a good bonding experience to go re-enact Nazi battles with his son," she said on Fox News Sunday, questioning the quality of GOP candidates.

Cantor retorted that he would "absolutely repudiate that and not support an individual who would do something like that. I'm doing it right here."


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you have got to be kidding me

Not everyone gets to be the Cowboys in Cowboys and Indians.

And if your going to "re-enact" WW2 - somebody has to play the other side.

This has too be the dumbest "attack" by the Dems yet.


He also re-enacts union soldiers. This is about education and understanding what happened. To bad Ms. Debbie can't get her hateful little mind around this.

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