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Web ad whacks Dan Gelber for faking Mr. Nice Guy

Floridians for Ethics and Truth (a pro-Pam Bondi/anti-Dan Gelber political group) takes the Democrat to task for saying he won't say mean things about his opponent -- only to do just that.


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alan rigerman

Dan Gelber...another self serving politician. Some years ago sitting in front of me at a Miami-Dade School Board meeting, I wrote him a brief note on one of his state issues. I gave it to him and watched him place it inside his jacket pocket Shortly thereafter, he got up to speak and left. He did not look at my note. I had a feeling...checked his seat and there was the note crumbled up on the floor. The sob is just that and a slob to boot. Fast foward to the Chris Smith Commission on the 2005 Stand Your Ground Law: Unlike the politicians, I have written and spoken out on that law as a "bad law" since it passed. And yes, I have a carry permit and have carried side arms now and then in the past in "Florida wilderness" and my students with me on REAL field trips never reacted. As I was speaking, Gelber decided to turn away to Howard Finklestein speaking and gigling like a girl. I stopped. I pointed my finger at him telling him I knew hime from a school board meeting and was about to call him out now. He and Finklestein shut up.

I can't stand self-serving politicians.
I also can't stand cowards who post without their name.

Akan Rigerman

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