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You say 'Aguirre', I say 'Garcia' - Scott camp says typo put Sink supporter on their list

Horacio S. Aguirre "quite surprised" when his name appeared last night on a press release listing Rick Scott's "Hispanic Coalition."

The Miami Republican and owner of H.S. Aguirre and Associates said he's never met Scott and "never talked to any of his campaign people." The reason? "In this particular gubernatorial race I'm strongly endorsing Alex Sink and Rod Smith." He even plans to be in the audience tomorrow when the two candidates meet up for their first debate, to be televised on Univision, the Spanish-language channel.

So how did Aguirre's name get on the list? The Scott campaign says it was a simple mistake. It sent out the list and accidentally typed in "Aguirre" instead of "Garcia," said Bettina Inclan, a Scott campaign spokeswoman. "They're both common names."

The reason Aguirre was startled "was because he was never supposed to be on the list in the first place," she said. "He's always been a Sink supporter. It was just a typo."

Aguirre checked with his father, who shares the same name, to see if he had endorsed Scott. But the elder Aguirre -- the publisher of Diario Las Americas -- "always stayed clear of personal endorsements" and has this year too, the son said.

Aguirre suggests maybe the Scott folks just didn't check their facts before pushed send on the press release. "It's as if they're daring me to refute the glorification of being on their list,'' he said.


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Seems to me that a "typo" would be something like Garcea or maybe Gracias. But a completely different name? Not so much a typo, a mistake maybe, . . .

Scott is a Crook

Um, that's not a typo that is incompetence.

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