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232 media outlets -- and counting -- with Rubio on Election Night

ImagesPerhaps the most sought-after press credential in the country on Nov. 2: Republican Senate frontrunner Marco Rubio's party at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.

As of yesterday, the campaign had received requests from 232 media outlets. That includes 35 television cameras (of which 17 are from Florida) , network crews from NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, the BBC, NPR, Univision and Al Arabiya, and 75 members of the foreign press -- radio reporters from the Czech Republic, West Africa, China;  TV crews from The Congo, Columbia, Japan, France, Spain; and  print reporters from Germany, New Zealand, Argentina and the UK.

To say Rubio has come a long way is a massive understatement. Miami lobbyist Ana Navarro recalled his first fundraiser at the Biltmore, early on in the campaign, when turnout collided with expectations and the reception was downsized three times from a ballroom to a small meeting room.

"It was a small little group of renegades,'' said Navarro, whose boyfriend Gene Prescott runs the hotel. "Now we are building a four-tier press riser and worrying whether people wil fit.'


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Senator Marco Rubio. Believe it. Florida - and America - gets a true conservative Senator again for the first time since Connie Mack retired 10+ years ago. Not sure what the news media in West Africa's coverage is for, but it's a sign that everyone knows how this race will end tomorrow night. Here's hoping Marco has a great speech ready. It will be nationally-watched. And probably by around 9pm.

Jason Steele

When Marco first came to Brevard County he was 35 points down in the polls, my fiancee Lori Halbert did a fundraiser, meet and greet. There were over 200 at her home! It energized Marco, when he spoke, woman wept, people were awed, I knew then that Marco Rubio would be our next United States Senator.
One day Marco Rubio will be President, this man is a leader. God Bless America

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