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Alex Sink casts blame on Obama and 'tone deaf' White House

Democrat Alex Sink, whose fate was yoked to the Obama administration like hundreds of Democrats, lashed out in an interview with Politico today, suggesting that the Obama administration mishandled the response to Gulf the oil spill, failed to appreciate the political damage done by healthcare reform and did grave damage to her candidacy in the state’s conservative Panhandle.

“They got a huge wake-up call two days ago, but unfortunately they took a lot of Democrats down with them,” said Sink told the online magazine. 


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What a joke!

Sink needs to look no further than the inept Florida Democratic Party and in particular, the corrupt Broward Democratic Party.

With only 40% turnout in Broward County, had turnout there even approached the statewide average, it would have produced enough additional votes to secure her victory.

The Democratic Party in Florida is in shambles and it's going to take a COMPLETE housecleaning if they expect to have any relevancy in the coming decade.

Pendulum is swinging

Two years ago, the Repub Party was on its way to extinction. Now they are back on top. I give them 2 years - the pendulum will swing back. Nothing to see here!


"The Great Beclowning®" (Lots of Polls At End!)




Glad I voted for her and she lost. Glad you lost Sink.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

May bill mc Bride and Alex Sink have a joyous end to a brave campaign,
however her opponent used the GOP political machinery, and I've read
in the local newspapers, that by election day he had a one hundred thou-
sand vote advantage, Well, I'm a product of several, local schools, and
common sense says to me it's not anybody's fault Democratic Party adhe-
rents couldn't successfully catch -up. In regards to our President, he's probably
doing the culturally indicated thing, and that is to cover his behind, from
a very hot spot, The White House!


That was an interesting interview. I agree with the man, the Obama administration did indeed mishandle the oil spill.


What goes around comes around now Alex Sink how do you like Obama NOW!The Obama Administration and his veiw of the world is looking petty DAMM!good..DEMS will role in Nov,count on it...GREAT JOB MR. PRESIDENT.

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