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Allen West and Frederica Wilson among the newbies making their way in DC

The Washington Post today profiles the incoming crop of freshman lawmakers, noting that some "arrived wearing totems of their winning campaigns, like college students still sporting high school letter jackets."

That included: "Rep-elect Allen West (R-Fla.), a retired Army lieutenant colonel, wore parachutist insignia on his lapel. Rep.-elect Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) wore one of her fabulous hats: a black cowboy hat covered in sequins (she tried to wear another large hat in her official Congressional ID photo, but Capitol officials wouldn't allow it)."

Read the story here.


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Naked Politics Reporter 1: Uh, So Elections are over, what do we report on?
Naked Politics Reporter 2: I don't know. What are people wearing? Fashion always sells in SoBe.
Naked Politics Reporter 1: Yeah, maybe if we can mention Allen West and fashion that will fill our quota of website visitors and crazed commentors.
Naked Politics Reporter 2: Good Idea should we mention his outdated Fade?
Naked Politics Reporter 1: Nah um how about his lapel pins.
Naked Politics Reporter 2: Good idea!

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