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Allen West calls into Kaufman's radio show, let's bring the leftwing "to its knees"

The incoming congressman just called into Joyce Kaufman's radio show and told her while she's taking on the left in South Florida, he'II "fight them on the battle field in Washington DC.

"I'm even more commited, even more focused on making sure that this liberal, progressive, socialist agenda, this leftwing vile, vicious, despicable machine that is out there is soundly brought to its knees," he said.

Kaufman pushed back against depictions of her as a gun crazy nut. After suggesting she wants to "exterminate" the left, she laughed and said, "I mean that in a pest control a humane way, trap them and release them in their homes.

"I'm really nice, sweet tempered," she said. "Sometimes I get a little ballistic, but I don't want to hurt anybody, I just want to see my country go back to what it was."  

A caller with Tea Party Fort Lauderdale says it will have a Joyce Kaufman day on Saturday, waving signs to support the host. Kaufman joked that there's some upsides to not going to DC, telling one caller that she "wouldn't have fit in anyhow. Can you see me in a pantsuit?"

And the woman whose show intro bellows, "The Most Heavily Armed Radio Talk Show Host in South Florida," said she's relieved she won't have to give up her concealed weapons permit -- "I'd have to give it up in DC," she said.

She told listeners she's going to be on Lou Dobbs' radio show today and that fellow talkers are "outraged." She said she got hate e-mails after bloggers and cable TV attacked her: "They say, well I can't say what they say because those words are not allowed on the air, followed by Kill You."